March 4, 2014

Happy Fastnacht Day!

This is possibly my favorite Tuesday every year. 
Here in PA Dutch County we like to celebrate a little thing we like to call, Fat Tuesday. 
A day dedicated to indulging in food.
And what food is better to indulge in than Fastnachts?

A German word for "Fast Night", Fat Tuesday traditionally occurs the day before Ash Wednesday when fasting before Easter begins. It is the last hoo-rah if you will. 
Fastnachts (Fost-Nokts) are like doughnuts but not as sweet.
Either way, they are still delicious.

Enjoy those. =]
Love, Katie


  1. I had never heard of fastnachts until yesterday- anything that appears to be a doughnut, sweet or not, I think I'd like! ;))