March 3, 2014

Coffee Date: Craft Shows!

Let's grab some late morning coffee and chat about what is happening.

Well, I am freaking out with the excitement and joy right now!
God is blessing me and my business so much.
Since feeling called to leave my day job I have been able to dedicate all of my time to pursuing my passion and building my relationships with family and friends. 
In result, online sales have increased and I have become increasingly busy with projects!
I will be teaching classes at a sewing center in the Summer. (More details soon!)
I have had the opportunity to host several brunch and dinner parties for our dear friends. 
But most recently, I am going to three spring craft shows (still waiting to hear from two more) this year!
You can see us and shop at Clover Markets and Downtown Glenside.

We will be at the April 13th and May 18th Shows. 

This show is the First Annual show and it is on April 26th.
Come out and celebrate with us! 

Super exciting stuff, right?!

I touched base a little bit with you last week on my goals after finding out I made it to one craft show.
I am feeling overwhelmed, but I'm ready to grab hold of this opportunity.
I have what feels like a million things on my to-do list and I am so grateful to have friends that are willing to step in when I give a shout out for help. 

We are looking forward to some new products being made.
Some new business cards and promotional items.
And finding fun display pieces for our booths. 

Write down those dates on your calendar and check out their websites!
We hope to see you there! 
Chat soon!

How is God working in your life?
What has He blessed you with lately? 

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  1. I'm excited for you. Keep listening to Him and He will guide you down the path he has made for you.