May 29, 2014

That 70's Chair: Pt 1

There is something about this chair I just fell in love with when I saw it by the dressing rooms of my local thrift shop. They don't normally carry furniture, and I assumed at first that this was just a chair for the dressing room. I cozied up on it while I was waiting for Josh to try on some pants and as I was telling him through the dressing room door how much I liked this particular chair, I noticed it had a plastic bar attached to it that was missing the price tag. Low and behold, this looker was for sale and only $10. 

It was not the color of this chair that caught my eye, but the shape. It was sleek, classic, and surprisingly comfortable. I dwelled on what fabric I would use to cover it. At first I thought I would make it apple red. And then I thought that was too room specific, and with plans of moving in with Josh after our wedding in the near future, I decided on a black and white chevron. Once we moved in and I knew where I was going to place this chair, I changed my mind again!
I finally decided on a black velvet. Why did I not think of that from the beginning?! Of course this chair is meant to be covered in velvet!

I decided to cover the chair with a fitted slipcover that will need to be sewn shut under the arms.
I began to make a muslin for the chair so I could get it as close as possible.
I draped some muslin over the chair and pinned it, smoothing the fabric as I went along.
I made separate muslins for each section, the back, front, and seat. 

I marked the draped pieces with a marking pencil following the curves of the chair and cut the shape out of the muslin. 

Once I finished my muslins, I pinned them to my velvet and cut out the pieces, allowing seam allowances on all sides. 
I am going to sew the front, back, and seat together leaving an opening at the bottom of the arm. The opening has to be long enough that I can slip the covering over the chair. 

This is just part one of the process, but I wanted to give you a quick preview of what I am working on!
I am hoping to have some time to spend on this project this afternoon. I would love to have it completed by this weekend since I have several more chair projects on my list!
Catch ya soon!

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