May 30, 2014

Living Local: Iron Hill Brewery

So, I don't know what I was waiting for when it comes to this post.
This has been sitting in my drafts since January!

I decided it would be fun to add a new category to the blog called Living Local.
I have committed myself to making a greater effort to shop small and eat local.
And while doing that, I might as well take some pictures and tell you about some of my favorite local places. Today we are starting off with Iron Hill Brewery. This is a company that got its start in Delaware and is now a popular chain with restaurants in South Eastern Pennsylvania, South New Jersey and Delaware. They opened one right here in Lancaster, PA. So of course Josh and I had to try it out! We stopped in on our way to a Bed and Breakfast where we were heading for "winter break." Here are a few pictures from our adventure:
Tasty food! Josh ordered loaded nachos and I had a delicious burger.
I just loved the vintage-inspired mural.
And it was a nice place to kick back for a peaceful lunch!

Check out their website for more information and locations!

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