May 19, 2014

In the making...

We are busy working on planning what is next for A Girl Named Katie.
We have some big long-term goals in mind and what we want the business to look like 5-10 years down the line.
I might have mentioned here and there how much I would enjoy designing clothing as part of  A Girl Named Katie. I have been working on sketching lately and am feeling passionate about bringing my vision to life.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic as you are our customers and always who we have in mind when creating.
Help us out by answering this quick 10 question survey about shopping.
It is anonymous, so please be honest with your answers. We won't judge.

Feel free to comment with any additional thoughts not answered in the survey.
When you finish the survive, share the link with anyone you like.
Your feedback is important to us (as it shows interest in the future of our clothing line) and we appreciate your time and dedication to our brand!

Thank you so much!
Click here to answer the survey

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