May 16, 2014

It's time for Coffee!

Hey there!
Gosh we haven't had coffee together in a while!
So let's do this! Grab your cup and let's chat.
What are you drinking today?
Now since the whether is warmer I have been craving coconut flavors in my coffee. I love getting a chocolate coconut frappe at our local Sweet Spot. I feel like I have seasonal go-to flavors. Summer is definitely a coconut kind of time. Or white chocolate raspberry, which is probably my all time favorite.
Or chocolate covered strawberry anything.
By now you probably think I have really weird taste...

Moving on.
Currently we are coming to the end of our spring shows. Our last two are in Ardmore at Clover Markets on May 18th (this Sunday!) and June 22nd.
I am resting easy this week and in the meantime finishing up some projects I have been working on here and there during the whole show season madness.
One of my projects is my cousin's wedding gown. She wanted something romantic and classic. We picked out a vintage-inspired top pattern that fit the image she had in mind. And from there I turned it into a floor length wedding gown in head to toe lace. 
Here is just a sneak peek! I don't want to spoil it for her wedding day! 

I am really enjoying the whole process of making this dress. From muslin fittings to final fittings.
It is going to be gorgeous on her!

So other than that I have been making some videos for the blog and I have some more ideas up my sleeve, including a few more giveaways coming up soon.
After notes from the show season, we are planning a new fall collection that will feature a different look for our handbags that we are pretty excited about. We are going to work all summer on this new line and it will be ready by the fall show season.
We also have some new products we are going to be adding to our shop soon, including cloth napkins and pouches. Check out previews of them on our instagram in the sidebar!

Also a new logo and design is in the works and you will get to see that all mid summer! 
Our little business is growing like a spring flower!

That's all I am going to tell you for now!
See ya!

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