May 21, 2014

First Video!


Today I have something fun and new to share with you! 
I finished my first video blog! 

It's pretty self-explanatory so I won't do a big description and I will let you go ahead and watch it.
I feel a bit silly in front of the camera. Yet, I felt that adding videos to my repertoire would not only help you get to know my products, but help you get to know me a little better as well!

So I hope you enjoy this beginner-attempt video of What's currently in my bag!
Suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks for watching!


Wallets: Target ; Blue Wallet ; Brown Wallet

Phone Case: Vista Print 

Sketchbook: Amazon 

Chapstick: EOS 

Make Up: Mark ; Lip Gloss

Hook Up Mascara & Perfume are discontinued

Blouse: Vintage from Thrift Shop

Adele: Right as Rain