June 6, 2014

Coffee Date: Catching up!

So how about coffee? Or shall I say tea?
Yeah, I started drinking tea. And for anyone who knows me personally, you know I have spent the last 21 years of my life very intentionally avoiding hot tea. After I started dating Josh and was introduced to his grandma's meadow tea, which is basically cheating because it is so sweet and deliciously minty. It's kinda like drinking a stick of gum. But I don't mind one bit. 
Last weekend at Liz's adorable tea party bridal shower I decided to try a hot tea that was a vanilla caramel black tea which was very good. I decided to try another flavor. I went with a blueberry green tea. Thus far, blueberry flavored anything has yet to disappoint me.
I have been craving it since!
 So I stopped into A Tea Affair's shop to look for that delicious blueberry tea. (The lady in the shop was very kind and knowledgable! I recommend stopping in and trying some of their fine teas!)
So now I am finally enjoying some tasty hot tea out of my adorable tea cup and saucer set I thrifted a while back for such occasions as this. 

Anyway, go grab your coffee/tea and sit down with me as I gab about what's happening in life and sip this blueberry goodness. 
Oh, and just so incase you were wondering, this is my "let's meet up for coffee" outfit.
Ok, so maybe you were not wondering.
Don't mind that I moved the mirror into the leaving room so I didn't have our floral frenzy wallpaper in the picture.
Currently I have been working on some projects for myself now since my show season is almost over and the wedding has passed and the dress was fabulous. You will get to see what I am currently working on and what I plan to sew during the month of June in my video that will be up tomorrow!
Plus! I am hosting a giveaway this weekend. A fabric giveaway! So make sure you tune in!

I just downloaded the Blog Life e-course by A Beautiful Mess. I heard it is amazing, so I am excited to get started and start planning out the next steps for this blog. 

My logo update is complete, I am just waiting for the rest of my branding package to be complete. I am very excited about the designs I have been seeing! Next step is to update the website! We would like to make it easier to shop on a website that has a shopping cart so you won't have to be directed to another site to order or be forced to make an Etsy account. 

I have been busy in my studio this week going through my fabric stash and organizing every thing. I am opening my studio up for family and friends to come see and to shop my current collection of handbags in person. It should be a special evening and it will be great to show them what I have been up to and what my plans are for the future of my business.

That's about all I have for now!
Be sure to check in tomorrow for my giveaway!
(I'll give you a hint, it's leopard print!)

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