June 3, 2014

Bride to Be with Garden Tea

My weekend was full of marriage and soon to be marriage!
Liz's mom and sisters planned an adorable little bridal shower for her at A Tea Affair in Lititz.
Complete with a mimosa bar and garden tea served by the wonderful tea ladies. 
It was a pleasant afternoon meeting her guests and catching up with old friends. 
And a perfect excuse to break out my coral dress by Fleet Collection!
I am so honored to have Liz in my life who is always there to run my crazy ideas by and encourage me to keep pursuing my dream. Liz is also a designer and we are both working hard on our upcoming lines! I can't wait to see her samples!
And of course I picked my seat by choosing my favorite tea cup in the room.
I think I have been converted to a tea drinker during this delicious party.
Especially when it comes to fruit or dessert flavored tea...

Now for some news:
As my show season comes to a wrap for Spring '14, I have been offered an opportunity that would expand my faith, allow me to be a more determined steward of the word in my community, and learn a skill I have always admired. There are so many great benefits to the position that are beyond money. Yet I am struggling with my decision due to paralyzing fear. My past experience I finally removed myself from earlier this year is finally showing its wounds. 
 I just ask that you pray for me and my ability to make the right decisions regarding jobs and my business in the upcoming future.

Thanks + Blessings,

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