June 5, 2014

Project: Old Chair, New Paint

I did a quick DIY this week and gave an old chair I found at a thrift some a new look with some paint.
I love the shape and design of the chair, but the paint was very worn. Otherwise the chair was in great condition. I decided to pick it up to be used as Josh's nightstand, as I decided his current nightstand should be in our living room to holding our goldfish plant, because I originally bought it to use as an end table anyway!

We don't really have much of a theme going on in our bedroom right now other than some country rose wallpaper which neither of us are into, but Josh would rather leave it up than go through the work of painting the room. I on the other hand welcome the challenge.

I thought long and hard about what color I wanted this chair to be. When I first bought it I thought I would just paint it gold and be done with it. However, I came across something with gold feet and that vision stuck in my head and I knew I wanted this chair to have gold feet.
Which then I went between black or white paint, but I settled for the white to brighten the space.

I used painters tape to tape the original seat. I loved the black seat and it was still in perfect condition.
After painting the entire chair white, I measured up from the bottom how much gold I wanted on the feet. I taped off each of the legs and painted them gold.

I think it came out great! I just love those gold feet!
 Now for that wallpaper...


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