June 24, 2014

Snapshots from Seattle

We are back from our trip and hitting the ground running.
It has been a busy week and I already want to fly back out to Washington.
To celebrate our One Year Wedding Anniversary we flew out to Seattle and then drove to Long Beach, WA. The game plan was to relax! And of course see some awesome stuff and get really inspired.
We traveled for about 23 hours straight our first day, with sightseeing in Seattle for most of the day.
First stop in Seattle was Fremont Market. Familiar with Craft Markets after our spring show season, we were excited to see some different products. We loved that they had several Boutiques-on-wheels at the market. Check out: http://shopfashionbar.com/ which is just one of the boutiques that was there.

We grabbed a bite to eat at the market since everything looked delicious and then ventured to Ballard's market. 

After snooping around the markets I took Josh to see Kerry Park which is an awesome lookout point in Seattle, near Queen Anne. 

Alright, finally some pictures!

Fish Waffle!
Filled with sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and walnuts. 
I definitely need to get on board making waffle sandwiches at home! 
We grabbed some ice cream at Lick before leaving the city. 
I am now crazy about Blueberry Chai ice cream!
Yet another thing I need to start making at home!

Gosh, I just love Seattle.
And I am pretty sure Josh now has an appreciation for Seattle as well.
Mission Accomplished.

I am filled with inspiration!

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