June 12, 2014

Project: Dining Chair Transformation

Before we were married, Josh and I spent our evenings together shopping craigslists and thrift shops for furniture for our future apartment. I knew I wanted a vintage inspired kitchen from the beginning. Originally I wanted all white appliances and turquoise walls. Still a lovely idea, however we rent our apartment from my in-laws. I quickly re-strategized my plan to find a more neutral wall color when the time comes for us to moved out, they will not need to repaint the walls a less, how shall I say, subjective color. I mean, I would love it, but how would the next person feel about aqua kitchen walls?!
Therefore, I settled for a light gray. Not as exciting, but it works.

We found this adorable dinette on Craigslist. I bartered with the guy and brought it down to about $40 I recall and we went to pick it up. It came with caned chairs (similar to this one on Etsy;) which Josh was unsure about how long they would last from the beginning. Fortunately the caning was not the problem. The screws must have been improperly replaced at some point and were too short and narrow. The chairs wobbled and creaked! Every now and again the screws would come right out of the chair on their own (side note, if that guy can sell that chair for $80, I better start fixing our chairs!) I screwed them back in multiple times knowing I needed to permanently fix them at some point. After the screws came out yet again, I just decided to get new chairs at the thrift shop. Someday we will fix the other ones.

I picked these up for $10/chair.
Not the most excited thing, but I liked the mid-century lines and I thought they would work well with our kitchen theme. The previous owner got crafty and covered the seats with a pillow case.
It was not the best job, but hey, they tried, so I will give them some credit. 

Once bringing them home and placing them in the kitchen, I decided they should be painted white and have some type of geometric black and white print cushion. I dug through my stash and found some home decor fabric I purchased from Fabric.com a while back in a black and white chevron. How cute!

Yep! Good choice! They are super adorable.

And they look great with our table and fit in wonderfully with the kitchen. I will have to do a kitchen tour soon! It took 2.5 cans of paint to give the chairs three coats of paint.

 One of my friends from high school just graduated college (she studied PR and needs a job if you know any good leads!) I asked her over for one of my personal favorite dishes, Waffles topped with fruit and whipped cream! 

Yet another great decision!

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