April 18, 2011

The day I went to school with Char.

Last week I modeled for Char Photography in a kinda preppy school themed shoot. 
It was a lot of fun despite feeling weird that I wasn't behind the camera for this day.
I only have a few things to show you so far, but I asked Char to get some behind the scene shots 
that I could show you later!  
This was our initial inspiration, a shoot by Michelle Moore for Zooey Magazine. 
We liked the way they made preppy casual and even included some fun artistic outfits in the shoot. 
After reviewing the inspiration I applied it to my own closet and pulled out pieces that were me, 
but also fit the aesthetic we were looking for on the shoot. 
I just felt the need to incorporate this bird skirt I made!
I took a few snapshots (yes, snapshots, clearly these pictures show no skill)
of outfits to send to Char the night before
 so we knew what we needed to bring to the shoot. 
I ended up packing what felt like half my closet.
I had at least 7 pairs of shoes with me. 
4 books. 
3 scarves.
2 belts. 
1 suitcase of clothing. 
By the end of my packing I had two FULL suitcases of options which got narrowed down when we got to the set and Char brought plenty of options as well that get intermingled with some of my outfits. 
Luckily, we could fit everything into one suitcase to carry around the campus. 
I can't wait to see the images Char captured from the shoot and to show you more!

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