April 15, 2011

Red Velvet.

I can't remember how I found out about Red Velvet. 
It was some how through a long process of blog creeping though. 
But as soon as I found the blog A Beautiful Mess I knew I have found a source of inspiration that would easily keep me entertained for months! 
I love the modern vintage style of Red Velvet. 
What is modern vintage? well, I might have just created that term, but I'm coining it as:
Vintage inspired pieces that were made today. 
Do they look like vintage? yes. Are they from years ago? no. 
Boom. Modern Vintage. 

But anyway...here you can read a bit about them: 
I absolutely love this jumper. Like. Loveee it. 
I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the chevron stripes, which I could easily accept as the pattern for everything I own and it would be totally awesome. 
I would like chevron curtains, pillows, shoes, quilts, sheets, dresses, 
skirts, shirts, tights, suspenders, scarves, etc. 
But I could especially use a chevron Holga! Ayo!
Oh, and they also make jewelry. 
I adore the inspiration Red Velvet has given me and am so excited to try some new things based on the new term and concept: Modern Vintage. 

But what I am really in love with right now are the Red Velvet E-Courses. 
I think they would be sooo much fun and a good way to learn and try new things. 
I'm particularly looking at the Dream Job E-Course. 
But the Modern Patchwork and Photo Journals look particularly adorable and awesome too! 

I was surprised to read that such a polished brand is still so new! 
The dress collection just was released and half their stock is already sold out!
A bit jealous am I? well, yes.  
A little more motivated, am I? absolutely! 

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  1. I am so glad you posted this! I also love chevron print haha. im hoping to get grey chevron curtains for my apartment! and the dream job course sounds so good! i am considering it! :)