April 17, 2011

What's inside my bag?!

I decided it would be fun to show you how much stuff can fit in my make up bag.
This is a bag from a girl named katie.
It is the Green Dot Dorothy and adorably fun and cute
 even when it's completely filled with fantastic things.
It's pretty much worth the $12 just for the bags visual appeal, 
but the amount it can hold makes it just that much better! 
Inside my bag is:
Pressed Powder.
4 assorted sized brushes. 
an eye glass case. 
lip gloss. 
eye shadow. 
2 mascaras. 
nail polish. 
eye lash curler. 
contact lens case. 

That is 16 items (count them!) of various shaped and sized items that can fit in my cute little bag!
No, the bag is not larger than what it appears. 
It's only 6" x 8" 
but can hold all my daily make up and more!

So...you should probably deeply consider getting one of these bags. 
Take it to the gym, on a trip, a mid-day make up touch up bag, etc. 
You don't even really need to use it for make up. 
You could use it for all sorts of things, like to hold your pencils or it's even a great bag to keep items you need to go from day to evening. 
Use your imagination. 

or shop here if you are already convinced: www.agirlnamedkatie.com

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