April 19, 2011

these are things.

In particular, things that I want.
And have been taking extra shifts so I can buy...
That's some determination.  
I've seen pictures from this camera on other blogs and I just love the polaroid film and how wide the pictures are! I'd probably use the pictures for creating little scrap books I can bind myself. 
 I thoroughly enjoy the whimsical images the holga creates. Plus I would like to experiment with film.
I would definitely consider buying it in white and painting some bold chevron stripes on it! 
But they also sell it in pink, so it's a hard choice...But the chevron stripes are very convincing. 
I just think these glasses would be fun to wear, on pretty much every occasion.  
I found love in screen printing after a class in high school. 
I am really in need of my own screen printing set up! 
There are so many things I could print to justify my want!
I just think these would be fun to have in my little binded scrapbooks I want to make!
Small notes would be great to reflect back on.
So yes, more work = more play.
Play = fun things...like these.

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