April 5, 2011

a week in my life.

This is how I do the work I want to do at the place I don't want to work. 

 This is Joshua's pride and joy....I have missed feelings. 

 This is Jacob's (Josh's lil brother) drawing of Josh. Take notice to the beard. 
( Happy Birthday, Joshua!  =] )

Our Date day: Salvy, Walmart, DQ. That is life in Lebanon. 

 I Finished a dress! Unfortunately I still have to do a bit of tailoring.  =[
The sleeves are enough to compete with a disney princess.
(aka. puffy as poop!)

 But I finally Emptied a box! One. Singular.
Don't judge me. 

 And! I decided what I want to do with my life. yay, I love look books. =]

Oh, and lastly, if your water tastes like there is soap in it, there probably is.  

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