July 9, 2011

AGNK News!

I'm sooo excited!
I finally purchased the Dream Job ecourse I've been dying to do and it was so worth it! 

I have changes in mind that I hope will better a girl named katie.
One of these changes is doing biannual collections rather than seasonal ones and making more of each product allowing more people a chance to purchase their favorite bag. 
Therefore I don't expect to release my next collection until much later this year if not early 2012.

During the time in between I will be focusing on making my products better. 
I will be testing out different materials and assessing customer reactions to the prototypes. 
I will also have other people testing my products and giving me their reviews 
to find out what is and is not working.

I will also be updating my online store to a better quality that will be easier to use and allow customers the opportunity to take a better look at the bags with multiple images of each product. 

I hope you are excited to grow with my business. 
Thank you to all my current customers, I appreciate your support more than I could tell you! =]

There will be a lot more opportunities coming up that will allow you to get involved! 

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