July 22, 2011

Sooo... What's next?

What is next for a girl named katie.
promos, sales, give aways, and joy. 
new website, new handmade products, and vintage. 
new fabric, new styles and new ideas. 
Whatever it is, it is me.
And I am Katie.
And this business is my life.

I am excited to make new things and do tons of thrifting.
I am ready to be a business woman and make things happen. 
and I am ready to spend countless hours making awesome things.

So what can you expect?
if you are young and hip, are indie/vintage/artistically inspired, you'll probably like it.
I say probably loosely, because in reality, you should like it, or you are none of the things listed above.
Just sayin'. 

I will be working on bags to be fun and functional, especially for college students. 
I will be making accessories and decor for the new apartment lovers.
I will be thrifting my heart out to find unique items that are just flat out must haves. 

Are you pumped?
Well, you should be.

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