February 24, 2014

Coffee Date: Goal Setting

One of my blog friends started a segment called "coffee date" last year and I have taken a liking to the idea. Every once and a while she fills us in on what she is up to or what has been on her mind lately. I love reading her posts because it feels like you are catching up with an old friend!
So today I am going to start my own "Coffee Date" segment, because chatting over coffee is my favorite way to catch up with my friends! 
Especially when a Raspberry Mocha and a slice of Lemon Cake are involved. 
So if we were out for coffee, this is what I would be chatting about:

(Hold on! Let's do this right. Go grab your coffee cup!)

I am currently reading a book by Dave Ramsey called Entreleadership.
Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey?

I enjoy his ideas and lessons on finances so when I was looking for books to read about business to help me grow mine, I picked up his. Being a good leader is important in a business. I learned this especially in some of my past work experiences, when my managers did not have good leadership qualities. It was emotionally draining for me because there were no goals, no teamwork, no organization and that lead to a selfish community of miserable employees. I knew I needed to take action to change myself to become a better leader before I ever considered hiring anyone to work for me. I don't want just bodies to do the work. I want passionate teammates that help the business reach goals and set new ones. I want my business to thrive and my employees to love their work.

I finished a chapter last night that focused on Goal Setting. 
I love setting goals and dreaming up new ideas. 
But you know what I'm not very good at? Making myself reach those goals. 
I have a good run at the beginning, and then I slack off a little and slowly lose touch.
Like that time I tried to eat more fruits and vegetables...
Or drink the recommended amount of water... or workout more...
I was failing, because these were ideas. Not goals. Goals have deadlines. They are specific. 
So instead of saying, I want to become more toned this year, I should have said, I want to do my Jillian Michaels DVD once a day for a month. I want to eat only fruits and vegetables for lunch for a week. Etc. 

You need short-term goals that help you reach the long ones. 
So currently I am preparing for a Craft Show because one of my big goals was to make it into one craft show this year. I know that I need to have inventory for my craft show, so I must create, let's say 50 handbags for the show. I have two months until the show. So I must make 25 bags a month. Which is about 6-7 a week. And lets say I want to have at least 8 different colorways of my best style. That means that each week I will focus on one color and make at least six handbags.

That is my goal right now. And I need you help hold me accountable for my goal.
So how about every Saturday for the next two months, I post about the new bags I just created.
Sound good?

And if I reach my goal the first month I get to purchase the emerald wool cashmere I am drooling over. And the second time I reach it I get to purchase the navy melton coating I just need to have. 
(Ha, like I really need more fabric!)

What goal are you working on right now?

What are you going to treat yourself with when you accomplish that goal?

Do tell! =]
I hope you enjoyed having coffee with me this morning!
See you next time!

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