February 3, 2014

Grace Manor Bed & Breakfast

Hello There!
Are you enjoying your snow day?

It is back to work for the Hub and I this week.
We took a little vacation last week to spend some time together and relax!

We stayed at a little bed and breakfast called Grace Manor
owned by a husband and wife who make a great home decorator and chef pair!
We stayed in the Mexican Room at the house with lovely exposed brick, spanish tile, 
and a heart-shaped tub. It was gorgeous! (And right down the street from a cafe!)
So if you are in South Central Pennsylvania at any point in the future, you should check them out!
They also have a french themed room and an asian theme room which we were able to take a peek at and it is amazing with a gorgeous unique bed. 
This lovely couple loves the hunt and fills the rooms with wonderful antique and recycled finds. 
They recommended a shop called Refindings, which is a warehouse filled with vintage finds.
You can spend hours searching the rooms! 
Definitely stop in there if you are ever going through York!

We had a great vacation together and even made it through two seasons of Scandal, which is my new favorite show! (More on that later!)
But now it is back to work!
Stay warm and safe, loves!

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