February 11, 2014

Project: Little White Dress

I fixed my mess of a dress into what is now an adorable dress.
It looks even better in person since it is hard to see the boucle texture and notice any of the opalescent threads in the picture. I am finally happy with how it turned out.
Last Saturday I was feeling rather discouraged about it and made the hub sit through a Meryl Streep movie with me to cope. I eventually sucked it up and began ripping it apart.

I adjusted the length of the torso and raised it about an 1.5". I shortened the skirt by 3" and I cut out new cap sleeves and adjusted the shape of the armhole. Below are the first and second attempts of the LWD.
Much better right?
I need to submit a dress by Friday and I am still deciding whether I want to make a second option just in case. The next challenge is a Movie-inspired look and I already have something in the works.
Stay tuned!


p.s. Anyone know where I can find a forest green/emerald green melton or flannel wool?

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