May 6, 2011

Served up fresh.

Ok, let's talk about this. 
I am currently on page 17 out of the 41 pages of "Happy Place" the business/life plan. 
And I. am. loving. it. Seriously. 
When I first looked into this I thought, geezy weezy, who has the money to get me onto that boat. 
And then I got an email saying it was half off. And then I pondered. 
I finally thought, What the heck! Let's just do this! And I bought it the $249 for the megapack on sale.
Megapack= business plan and pricing guide. 
I then panicked a bit, thinking that I shouldn't have spent that much money on two ecourses. 
I already have two jobs and I been taking extra shifts to try to get two businesses off the ground. 
What am I doing throwing $249 at a person I don't know, nor will I ever meet?
But I justified it with the rave reviews, knowing that it will help me with what I need the most help with right now in my photography business. 
And also, that $249 for two courses was less than I would pay for 2 courses at a college. 
So, here I am, in pjams, under my fuzzy covers, with chocolate milk and a pink clipboard
working on worksheets in the comfort of my bedroom with the windows opened on my way to
a business plan. 
Best part is! I did not spend $800 on these courses.
And! I'm not paying $4 a gallon for gas to drive to Lancaster, once or twice a week. 
I would recommend these courses if you want to (a.) get serious about making your hobby a career and (b.) want to be honest with yourself and really think through things in the comfort of your own surroundings and focus solely on yourself, and your business. 
Read more and shop packages on Alicia's site! 
You can even get a free ecourse to help you "get your ducks in a row" for legalizing your business. 

(A little later....)
I am now rolling in on page 28 and already filled out 10 worksheets about what makes my business different and how I am going to manage my time
to allow me to have a life outside of owning my own business.
I honestly feel like this was worth the money, even though I debated it for quite some time.
I recently took a business course for photography and I must say
this do-it-yourself course has gotten me to a good point in my business life.
Perhaps dare I say it was even more helpful than the course I just took?
But with both those things under my belt I feel like I can finally get a good handle on this dream
and make it a career soon. 

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