May 1, 2011


There is no time like today to plan your goals for tomorrow. 
I feel like that statement should be in Ben Franklin's Almanac.
Today I am planning my goals for May.
Yes. Another month of goals. 

In May I would like to: 
Shoot in Film.
Outfit Posts.
Design a new accessory collection.
Teach myself how to quilt. 
Shoot a new ad campaign for a girl named katie. 
Go Thrifting. 
Schedule a photo shoot with a client. 
Do more things for Joshua. 
Maybe even: 
Start new projects for a girl named katie. 
Begin working on a magazine. 
Look for another job.

And even budget, only spending money on:
the new a girl named katie collection.
and e-courses.
and well, gas. 
( Love this Peter Jensen Ad Campaign! )

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