May 24, 2011

What's inside my bag?!

The Pink Dot Liz bag from a girl named katie. 
 So, I felt it was time from another "What's inside my bag post." This bag is 10x12 inches.
It is seriously huge. But can carry sooo much stuff. 
It is perfect for traveling. Anywhere. 
This is the full bag from the side.
Still lookin' cute. 
I wasn't kidding when I said it could hold a ton of stuff!
I managed to fit practically my whole bathroom cabinet in this thing! 
 The bag has (2) pockets on either side. They are useful in keeping makeup or other necessities 
in handy locations while your bag is filled with hairsprays and face washes and other stuff you managed to pack in there for your journey!
Inside my bag: 
(2) bottles of lotion.
Hair brush. 
Face wipes. 
Face wash. 
Facial moisturizer. 
Acne spot clearer. 
Hair spray. 
(2) tubes of lipstick. 
Eye Glass Case. 
Nail Polish. 
Contact Solution. 
Contact Case. 
Blush Brush. 
and (2) blush cases. 
Did ya get all of that? 
20 items! 
'nuff said. 
This bag just sold out today!
But there are more like it still available
and don't forget, you can special order bags too! 

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