May 31, 2011

The End of May Report!

Yes, it's that time again. 
The time to come up with goals for that month that I would like to accomplish 

(but unfortunately don't get around to.. )
I did do somethings in May though! 

I designed a new accessory collection, and I worked on a summer collection 
(which is almost complete!)
I scheduled my first trunk show for July. 
I received emails about scheduling photo shoots with me. 
I even finished my photography website and updated my portfolio! 
I finished (2) business plans and a business policy. 
I completed (2) CE classes for photography. 
I improved my fashion photography. 
I tried to pick up dance again, but found out I'm wildly out of shape for what I use to be able to do. 
I made new bags for a girl named katie and updated the website with a new lookbook. 
And I started a new project for the online store!
I also successfully avoided buying clothes... but I'm sure that will go downhill with the annual "girls shopping trip" with my mom and aunt this year. Ha! 
Sadly I spent about $420 
on taxes
gas ($162! seriously!?)
sewing projects
sewing machine repair
my businesses
and mothers day gifts. 

Part time jobs are pretty lame. 
So it looks like I'm going to be doing some budgeting in June! 

Goals tomorrow! 

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