May 30, 2011

If I had a home:

Well, a home of my own. 
Like my own house. Heck, I'd even settle for an apartment. 
I would take pride and seek every opportunity in every furnishing. 
I love reading blogs and seeing the nifty ideas and decor people create to make a space their home. 
A lime green cabinet? Pretty much fantastic. Especially to cheer up an otherwise neutral room.
I am a big fan of the way they used Waverly fabric and wooden embroidery hoops as wall decor.
So clever!
(oh, and the fabric is modern essentials collection, you can find it at Joann Fabric Stores)
But seriously though, seriously, how adorable is this in-closet office?! 
Probably one of the smartest ideas ever.
(But not much of a tax write off. Just sayin'.)
How about using your wardrobe closet as decor? maybe a little troublesome to get to
unless you are cool with dancing around on your bed like a melodramatic teen chic flick. 
But a good concept in theory if you loveee fashion! 
So, let's talk about this wood art Duncan Johnson does. 
I think it is awesome and I'm glad Josh agrees and wants to eventually put awesome wood art like this in the house we'll eventually have, after eventually getting an apartment. 
cable knit blanket? Awesome. And totally cozy! 
I love cuddling up in soft blankets! And it's like a scarf, for your bed.
I need one.

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