May 26, 2011

What I love: Summer Dresses.

I love lace right now. It's so feminine and classy.  I love it being done in shorts and simple dresses. 
I am also a fan of floral right now. If every day could be a sunny garden party kind of day, 
life would seriously be unicorns and rainbows. 
I am pretty much in love with this pink shift
I love easy to wear cotton summer dresses. 
This orange dress is so simple but can easily be dressed up or down. 
This bow dress is practically the definition of simple flirty. 
Pretty much you would look incredible and put little to no effort into it. 
And, well this one doesn't really match the others, but I still love it. 
I love dresses that look like huge oversized tshirts.
I also like the bold stripes of this one. 

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