July 1, 2011

Coffee + Bags = Help a girl named katie.!

a girl named katie. is looking for some help!
How can you help?!
By meeting her for coffee..
It is really just that simple. 
I am looking for about 3-4 girls from the Lebanon area (various age groups are welcome!) 
to help me review my last collection. 
All you have to do is offer your opinions and suggestions while enjoying coffee 
and checking out the summer bags. 

So, who's interested?!
I'll buy the coffee!

And even if you do not hear back from me to help at this time, 
feel free to review the line on your own online anyway! 
And send me your thoughts and what you want to see through the contact page! 

1 comment:

  1. When you say "girls," do thirty-somethings count? I could also contribute one soon-to-be 7-year-old diva and one 9-year-old down-to-earth girl. Let me know; I'll do it for free because I love you!