July 5, 2011

Yes, It is that time again.

A bit late on greeting July into 2011 with my fantastic lists of what I want to accomplish during these next charming 20-something days with hopes that each day will be mighty productive. 

But here is what happened in June. 
 I somehow managed to actually do almost everything I wanted to. 
It's a first, so I receive some claps at least. 
I actually read a book. Yes, from cover to cover and I wasn't forced to do so. 
I shot a new summer lookbook for a girl named katie
I finished new bags for the online store. 
I cooked some tasty meals: cheeseburger roll-ups, woop woop!
I reconstructed a few items from a thrifting journey.  Success. 
I sold (2) bags and received (2) special orders. 
I scheduled a paid senior photo shoot.
I made time for "girl dates" 
and tried to spend as much time with Joshua as possible. 


July Goals: 
Take an ecourse. 
Receive feedback on my bag collection. 
Sell (5) bags. 
Organize my "studio." 
Photograph (2) fashion shoots.  
Re-do my bathroom. 
Work on a portrait portfolio. 
Sell a photo print. 

They might sound small, but for this month they are big.
I have sooo much work to do!

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