July 3, 2011

Shopping Advice from Katie.

Why take advice from me? Well, because it's my hobby and I'm what I like to call a champ. 
Just read, will ya. 

Lesson One: 
How to get brand name items for an awesome price. 
Let's discuss.
I recently made some fond purchases all for under $20. 

Ann Taylor sweaters: $12.50 each
Express dress pants: $3.99
Banana Republic blouse: $9.80
Ann Taylor jewelry: $4.50

How does this happen? (you may or may not be asking)
Thrifting and Outlets, that's how. 

Not technically a word, but legitimately an awesome hobby.
It is all about the thrill of the hunt! 
You can find good things if you just look for them, like brand named items.
When thrifting, look through everything and allow yourself plenty of time to evaluate the options. 
Even if something is a size 12 and you're a size 2, consider it. 
You might be able to take in a seam or two and make yourself a wonderful piece. 
Also, Goodwill offers additional savings by purchasing a membership card that could save you even more. 
And of course the Salvation Army has half off Wednesday! 

Outlet Shopping.
Another great hobby! 
If you have not been to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets you simply have not fully lived 
(speaking from a girl who hasn't left the country...)
But seriously.
There are plenty of outlet shops around.  Make a day of it and browse. 
They even have sales on clearance items! 

That is all. 

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