July 16, 2011

I'm growing up.

Everyday I notice I am becoming more of an adult. 
I began the yearly required routine of sorting through my clothing, getting rid of the old
and welcoming the new with hangers and friendly companions that have been longtime members
of my wardrobe..if my closet had its own club.
But this year is different. Yes, different.
Not just the annual change of style and hipper things go in, too small things come out...
This year my style is reaching its 20's.
It is getting old. But it's still young at heart or at least pattern..
My short skirts will slowly be replaced by knee length, tshirts removed for grown up blouses,
sweatshirts exchanged for cardigans, flip flops for heels.
photo from fashionsociety
Why the sprint to grow up, you ask?
(Maybe you didn't, but I'm still going to answer..)
This year I am taking steps to make my small business my career and after years of watching
"What not to Wear" on TLC I realize sometimes you have to dress the part to play the part.
The high school girl was replaced by the art student,
the art student will be intermixed with the business woman.
Because someday I would like to not be supporting myself on poor part time jobs
that really make me no money at all.

Perhaps I should clarify that I do know that dressing well will not make me more money directly.
Not like people will give me money for the simple state of looking good, but that would be awesome,
would it not!? I mean, I'm not Paris Hilton. Oh, wait, I think she claims she does stuff?
But more so that I expect dressing like an adult will make my business look more like I'm serious about what I am doing and what I want to accomplish.

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