July 7, 2011

The Awesome Gift Guide.

I'm in the mood for Christmas shopping, so I figured I'd bring out the early "gift guide" blog. 
But really these could be given at anytime for any reason because they are just that awesome and really, who doesn't love getting cool gifts randomly?
The are pretty much the cutest iphone cases I have ever seen.
They are by Rabbit Smile and lucky for us who don't have what I hear is the coolest gadget out there
they can fit different phones and ipods so we all can look remarkable snazzy.
I love the little cameras and would greatly appreciate this gift...(take a hint.)

And of course for your guy or other lovable male there is the Hipster wallet by JDuct.
It makes me smile, every time.
Misstcalia does custom prints which would make a wonderful piece of art that is so stylish my pillows would be jealous. Yes, I am personifying my home decor.

I love, love, love this painting by jkldesign.
And I'm pretty jealous that I can't be that nifty and paint sweet looking things.
But luckly I am cool enough to buy them...

And I'm pretty sure I just need these mugs by love grace joy . Actually, everyone needs them.
And if I were to receive these as, oh, I don't know, a gift... that person would be my best friend.

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  1. i am 100% buying one of those iphone cases when i get a job! they are ADORABLE.