July 20, 2011

Splurge or not to splurge?

First off, splurge is a weird word.
Second, when I say splurge, I'm talking like $50. Not $1,000 like magazines. 
Because let's face it, I work in retail twice a week and I certainly do not have the money to afford anything that is $800 for ONE item. 
These are the items you can allow yourself to splurge on:

If you are a person that carries your life in your bag everyday,
find something nice that you will be able to use repeatedly and goes with everything. 
It will be worth the $50. 
Aldo sells great handbags that will last 
a good amount of wear and tear for just around our budget! 

Special Occasion Dresses. 
Dresses should be splurged on for the sake of finding something that has a great fit and is a classic staple piece that can be worn over and over again to a number of different events. 
Modcloth has several cute dresses for any occasion for under $50.
I love their vintage aesthetic.

For the sake of your comfort, you might have to buy shoes that are not $15.
Shop online for unlimited options when on the hunt. (I suggest trying on shoes at the store first to figure out your size as well as if they are a decent quality before buying online.) 

Aldo has great basics as well as some other fun colors and prints, plus I often can find shoes in clearance that were originally out of my budget but now are affordable!

Also, only splurge on things you loveeee.
Go shop! 

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  1. Love, love, love Modcloth!!! If I could, I would purchase one of every item on their site. Of course I would have to give away all the maxi dresses BUT STILL! I agree on the shoes as well. If it's a fun shoe that you know you won't wear often, don't splurge, but if you're looking for a shoe that you can pair with almost anything, I pays to spend a little more to buy the one that's just right.

    Loved this.