July 11, 2011


In the ecourse I just took they established the importance of making some short term and long term goals and to include rewards to your goals that push you to finish. 
So I thought I would share some with you because I think this is frankly just a good concept overall,
whether you have a business or not everyone should try this. 

My goal for this week:
Finish sewing and tiding up all the bags I will be taking to the trunk show.
Spend a day thrifting. 

My goal for this month:
Be prepared for a trunk show and sell out of a portion of my inventory.
Picnic date with Joshua. =]

My goal for this year:
Rebrand a girl named katie.  and make new products.
Plan a trip to visit Philly.

Goals outside of a girl named katie. :
Give my bathroom a facial lift and make over.
Go antiquing for special decor pieces. 

Clean my studio space.
Potentially a larger studio space I can share with my mom.

So, you should definitely try this setting goals and rewards deal, because it works rather well,
not going to lie.
It's the one step plan to getting what you want and being more productive in the meantime.

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